things I learned in my first week at SFSU

  • I don’t generally get out of bed after 8pm
  • no one eats the marshmallows in the dining center so they’re very old and stale—don’t put them on your froyo
  • pretending you’re napping is a good way to avoid your other room mates
  • spray da poop spray
  • instant ramen becomes a sophisticated dish when you add sriracha 
  • if he’s attractive, he’s queer
  • if she’s attractive, she’s straight
  • it’s worth the 20 minute commute for cheap bubble tea on geneva avenue 
2 years ago | 08:37pm
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  1. princeanus said: put the stale marshmallows in your hot chocolate because stale marshmallows are the best in hot chocolate or you could send them all to eden
  2. cubchoo said: ok 6th and 7th
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